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Bruce Boyd, DMin - Dr. Boyd brings an extensive pastoral background to the department. His primary interest of study is the pastoral ministry of the Seventh-day Adventist Church with special focus on conflict resolution and mediation. Dr. Boyd is the main sponsor for the cross–cultural evangelism program that takes students on a yearly evangelism trip to other countries.

Dave Fiedler – Dave Fiedler currently lives in Wichita, Kansas, with his wife, Clarissa, and their daughter, Tifona. He has taught elementary, secondary, and collegiate courses in various Seventh-day Adventist schools. His book, Hindsight: Seventh-day Adventist History in Essays and Extracts, came from his appreciation for the lessons of our denominational history, and is much more interesting than the title makes it sound. Since August 2008, he and his family have been working to put those lessons to work in a practical way by establishing Adventist City Missions, Inc.—a metropolitan evangelistic project that includes a vegan restaurant, a health food store, an outpost based team of colporteurs and Bible workers, a rural wellness center, and an active inner-city medical missionary work.

Pastor Jay Rosario – Although born in Miami, Florida of Dominican parents, it was in Alaska where he was found by Jesus and later baptized. Sensing a call to the ministry, he studied at Mission College of Evangelism. After graduating he has been involved in youth evangelism all over USA, from the congested streets of New York to the dry deserts of New Mexico. Today he is a Pastor of two churches in San Jose, California for the Central California Conference. Before this, he worked five years in Vancouver, Canada with the ministry Radiant Living. Today he continues to travel all over sharing about his best friend, Jesus.

Dr. Cindy Tutsch - Dr. Tutsch earned the BA in religion from Andrews University, the M.A. in pastoral ministry from Indiana Wesleyan University, and the doctor of ministry with an emphasis in leadership from the Andrews University Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary. She has been involved in youth ministry and evangelism for 35 years, as youth pastor, Bible teacher, lay ministries coordinator, television host, and conference youth director. She initiated Youth Challenge in North America, an evangelistic outreach that uses teens to teach Bible studies and Revelation Seminars, do service projects for the community, and distribute gospel literature door to door. She is the recipient of several awards for excellence in ministry and teaching.

Dr. Tennyson Samraj is a Professor of Philosophy and Religion at Canadian University College. Dr. Samraj keeps busy in the summer by conducting study tours to various international destinations.

Dr. Steve Reasor is a dual American/Canadian citizen living in Lacombe, Alberta, Canada with his wife, Pattie, and two children, Aeden and Mackenzie. He is a graduate of Canadian University College and Andrews University. Steve has thirteen years of youth ministry, teaching, and chaplaincy experience. For the last eight years Steve has served as the chaplain of Parkview Adventist Academy in Lacombe.

Jonathan Zita works as a Literature Evangelism Director for Lifestyle Canada Education Service - a new organization formed in partnership with the Review & Herald Publishing Association. He has been involved in the Literature Ministry in Canada for over 10 years. He is responsible for recruiting, training and bringing support to regular Literature Evangelists (LEs), Lifestyle Coach LEs, and students in the Canada Youth Challenge program. Each year, this ministry coordinates around 100 participants across Canada with the primary focus of spreading the gospel of Jesus-Christ through literature, media, and the personal touch. Jonathan is married with 2 children. His greatest desire is to fulfill God’s purpose in this generation.

Pastor David M. Klinedinst serves as the Resident Evangelist and seminar speaker with the Iowa-Missouri Conference for the Saint Louis Metro area.  He has been involved in various forms of evangelistic ministry: serving as Personal Ministries Director for Christian Record Services, as a pastor in the Pennsylvania Conference, and as an evangelistic and lay ministry trainer in the Iowa-Missouri Conference.  He conducts public evangelistic campaigns in the United States and overseas, and teaches practical training seminars on witnessing and personal evangelism. He has spoken in the United States, as well as in Africa, Australia, Europe, the Carribean, and the Philippines. His desire is to see a passionate, mission-minded, lay driven church where each member is looking for opportunities to plant seeds for Jesus.

Pastor George Ali is the Ministerial/Evangelism Director of the Alberta Conference with special responsibility to develop resources for pastors and church leaders and to encourage evangelism as a lifestyle. His pastoral and ministerial experience of thirty years includes serving in churches in the Caribbean (Trinidad) and Canada.

Pastor Lyle Notice grew up in city of Toronto. From a young age had a passion for the stage.  He met a local actor by the name of Charles Officer who recommended him to an agent Lisa Burke. Lyle began acting and was destined to be star in Hollywood. One day as he was practicing method acting auditioning for a movie roll he was caught in a battle of spiritual warfare. After that experience he felt God calling him to ministry. In 2001 he enrolled at Canadian University College and prepared for pastoral ministry. Upon graduating in 2005 he then went on to Andrews University where he completed his Masters of Divinity. In 2008 he accepted a call to become the youth pastor at the Ottawa Seventh-day Adventist Church.  He currently serves as the Associate Youth Director where he works with pathfinders, community outreach, and media ministry. Lyle is a bit of a bookworm who loves social media, social entrepreneurship and social justice issues. He is married to Cheri who is a grade 6 teacher.

Pastor Adam Deibert is a native of Alberta.  Born in Calgary, he became an Adventist at a young age, and attended Pineridge (now Garden Road) church where he was baptised at age 14.  Starting in High School, he became actively involved in the church, leading out in youth ministries with Angela Sell.  He felt the call to ministry just before graduating High School, and he and Angela went on to study at Canadian University College, during which time they were married and had their first son, Austin.  In 2002, Adam received a call to serve as the associate pastor at Edmonton South church.  While there, a second son, Anthony, joined the family.  From Edmonton, they went on to Andrews University where Adam received his Masters of Divinity degree.  Since 2007, they have been ministering in Sherwood Park, Alberta, Adam at the church and Angela at Sherwood Care, a long-term care facility run by the Seventh-day Adventist Church.  Adam is excited to be joining the ministry team at Canadian University College this summer, where he will be serving in the role of Senior Chaplain.  His purpose in ministry is to help others find freedom to live the abundant life God wants for them.  His Bible interests are systematic theology and exegesis, with a strong interest in prophecy – particularly the books of Daniel and Revelation.

Pastor Troy McQueen is the Communications/IT Director for the Alberta Conference. He has a passion for media ministry and enjoys helping churches to better understand how to use current technologies to connect and communicate online and develop a motivation for action.  His Media for Ministry Seminar will give a better understanding of current online technologies and how they can be used for effective ministry.  It will look at some of the reasons why people use the Internet and explore ways the Internet is transforming education, communication and evangelism.

Dr. David Penno served the Adventist church as a pastor for 25 years in Missouri and Georgia. He also was the Georgia-Cumberland Evangelism Coordinator for 5 years.  He currently serves the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary at Andrews University as the project coach for the Doctor of Ministry program, where he has worked since 2010.

David Delafield will be assisting with the sustainable living portion of the curriculum here at CHANGE.  He brings experience from 15 years working in the wilderness skills training industry and a lifetime of gardening and home food production.  Areas of emphasis will include planning and tending an organic garden and an introduction to wilderness living.  These skills will provide confidence that we are capable of living through uncertain times through knowledge and experience.

Dr. Joy Fehr began her university studies as a self-described high school dropout. In 1994 she completed her Bachelor of Arts at the University of Calgary, and achieved a Masters Degree in English in 1996. She was hired as an instructor at Canadian University College, and while teaching English there, began work on her doctoral degree. Joy received a Ph.D. in Canadian/Alberta Literature in 2005, and became a full professor of English. She served as Dean of the Division of Arts from 2006-2010. Today, Joy Fehr is Vice-President Academic Administration at Canadian University College.

Pastor Sandra Silva currently serves the Alberta Conference of Seventh-day Adventists in Canada as Director of Women’s Ministries, Personal Ministries, KID University and CHANGE School of Evangelism. In 2004, she left her banking career to follow God’s call to study at AFCOE(Amazing Facts College of Evangelism) and was immediately hired as a Bible worker for several evangelists in Washington, St. Louis, Silver Springs and Sacramento.  She has taught at schools of evangelism in the United States, Brazil, Germany and Portugal.  Finally,  in 2008 she enrolled in the Theological Seminary at Andrews University and completed her studies in 2010.  Shortly thereafter,  she was called to serve as Nurture Pastor for the College Heights Church on the Campus of Canadian University College in the Alberta Conference before accepting to serve as Director at the same conference. Pastor Silva is passionate about evangelism and sharing her love with Jesus in her travels and locally at home.  She praises God for loving support of her parents and sister who reside primarily in Ontario Canada. In her spare time she enjoys hiking, travelling, cooking and mission trips.

Rudy Harnisch pastored in Alaska and in British Columbia and as a family worked with an ASI organization roofing churches and publishing books/literature/public evangelism in South and East Africa for seven years.  It was while in Africa that began a passion to reach out to Muslim community. Currently an international speaker/writer.

Nwamiko Madden has had what he coins a good parent yet “bad-ventist” upbringing. Finding himself disillusioned by the church’s apparent obscurity, yet being zealous for the church’s notoriety, in his childhood he
decided to pursue fame as a means of promoting the church. For just over five years Nwamiko was a successful film and television actor in Canadian, American and international productions even while keeping the Sabbath until God made it clear to him that he must leave the industry. Since then he has reconsecrated his energies and talents to finishing God’s work... This time, according to the Blue Print. He is currently (among other things)  the
Assistant Director of CHANGE School of Evangelism for the Alberta Conference, the Director of Certain Sound Media and an itinerant preacher.

Grace Mackintosh, ESQ is General Counsel and Director of Public Affairs and Religious Liberty for the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Canada.  She is a published author, and prior to her move to Ontario in early 2009, she worked as legal counsel with Miller Thomson LLP in Calgary, Alberta representing clients with respect to constitutional, government and human rights law.  Grace also served at the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission for three years, from 2001 to 2004, where she developed human rights policy and made public presentations on behalf of the Commission.  She is currently involved in several religious freedom public awareness projects addressing national and international issues.

Pastor Olaf Clausen had a diverse spiritual background in Hinduism, the New Age, Catholicism, Lutheranism, and Evangelicalism. Having given his heart to the Lord at age 16 through the unwavering attentions of a few Baptist friends, he soon embarked on a long and circuitous spiritual journey, seeking the fullest expression of God’s truth, but never really finding it. After a short 12 year career as a Naval Officer, God returned Olaf to his Christian roots through a series of setbacks and miracles. Faithful to His Word to never leave us nor forsake us, God finally brought Olaf and his wife back to deep Bible study and a renewed commitment to the Messiah in 1997 through baptism into the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Throughout their time in the church, Olaf and his wife Rhonda have had an interest in the early apostolic expression of Christianity and the Hebrew roots of their faith. Serving the denomination as Bible teachers and pastors now for 15 years, God called Olaf and his wife Rhonda to consider specializing in contextualized outreach to the Jewish people and those attracted to Messianic forms of worship in connection with the General Conference Global Mission Initiative. Since the fall of 2012, Olaf and Rhonda have been training in Jewish Ministries at the NAD Shalom Learning Center and have planted the first Messianic Adventist Fellowship in Canada named Beth Tehillah Vetikva (House of Praise and Hope) with the generous support of the Camrose SDA Church, the Alberta Conference, and the North American Division.

Landon Sayler is currently a part-time teacher at Parkview Adventist Academy, teaching the Biology and Chemistry classes.  He is also a part-time student, doing online studies through La Sierra University and science upgrades at CUC.  Church planting and missionary work have  been a passion of his during the last 8 years, and he has been privledged to work with the Blackfalds church plant during that time.  Recently I have had the blessing of being married to my beautiful wife, Andrea, who is currently the teacher at Woodlands Adventist School.

Dr. Virgil Covel pastors the churches in Medicine Hat and Brooks, Alberta and leads the Revival and Reformation Committee in the Alberta Conference. His driving passion is to introduce you to the incredible joy and power of prayer. He teaches and leads God’s people into a prayer experience full of wonder, discovery, life changing power and a wonderful abiding peace, and away from the boring, lifeless, drudgery of prayer many now experience.

Thomson Paris, Phd is studying Entomology at the University of Florida in Gainesville under the direction of Dr. Philip Stansly. He wants to use his work with butterflies and butterfly farming (raising butterflies for sale) to reach people for Jesus in countries where there are very few Christians.

Dr. Mark Finley, former president of “It is Written” and world renown evangelist, Evangelism is where Finley made his mark on the world, presenting more than 150 evangelistic meeting series around the globe in about 80 countries with resulting baptisms numbering in the thousands. His best known association is as a television speaker: for the current series Experience Hope, a weekly broadcast of the Hope Channel; for the It Is Written telecast of 20 years; and also for the first two NET evangelism satellite series broadcast in North America.